Duct Tape

Cloth Duct Tape


Cloth Duct Tape is polyethylene coated cloth backing with release material, single coated with a high performance sensitive adhesive. Adhesive:Rubber, hot melt.

Density of woven fabric: 35mesh, 50mesh, 70mesh

Available in wide variety of colors including grey, black, brown, red, yellow, green, blue, white

Application: For general use in packing, bundling, sealing, seaming, reparing, holding and other home use. Good adhesion characteristics.


Fabric-based adhesive tape use polyethylene veneer as base material, coated with hot melt rubber adhesive; it has beautiful appearance, strong adhesive force, tensile strength, and easy to peel off by hand etc. It is suitalbe use for surface protection, sealing of corrugated box, repairing, construction water proofing project etc.Color´╝ÜRed, yellow, blue, black, white, silver, green, brown

Feature & Benefits

Polyethylene plastic backing is for waterproofing.
Cloth middle layer facilitates tearing by hand.
The adhesive holds good peel force, tack, streching resistance, aging resistance and weatherability.


Sealing duct work.
General purpose for packing and enlacing.
Carpet joint seaming.
Masking and protection in painting.

Printed Duct Tape

Printed Duct Tape



A special duct tape can be pre-printed with different patterns on fabric backing. Good adhesion characteristics, ideal for creating creative crafts.



Perfect for use in advertising, promotion, repairting, decorating, gift packing, covering books, making wallets, and other use.